Saturday, June 19, 2010

Hello Everyone

My nickname is xplode, i was well known in Blueangel rom cooking back in the days. I have been collecting roms for Blueangel, Harrier and Magician for quite some time, and one day i decided to share my collection with all of you. This site is a product of 3 years shipped rom collecting, (even paid for some rare Blueangel and Magician ones). So I uploaded my whole collection to 3 mirrors, and share it free with evryone. The reason i collecting Blueangel roms was to try and study the software development for this device. Also many people have problems with cooked roms here they can revert to their stock ones on many languages.
In addition to that i decided to add all iPhone, iPod and recently iPad firmwares to this site. And to answer all to the question which pops up in your heads - yes i switched to the dark side (Apple products). As some of you know this site is online for a few years, but recently I obtained this free domain name (which matches my nickname) and decided to change the interface which is hopefully for good.
I left an option for paypal donation if anyone is thankful.