Thursday, January 26, 2012

Facts about technology news

If you follow my blog you will see that my descryption of iPad 2 and iPhone 4S is very accurate (hardware wise). Also I have informed you that iOS 4.3 will be out in the middle of march. Well i am off by 4 days. Other bloggers and news sites said many dates in february which were wrong. Probably it is because everyone copy news from everyone, and noone reserach and check with sources what they write anymore. And what are the consequances from this? The readers read certain untrue news from an "trustworthy" blog/site and they believe it. The so called trustworthy sites publish untrue news which for me means only one thing that they lie to people about these things. They are just partly guilty about this because they copy the false news from another sites and blogs and social networks and just rewrite the BS they post. This is not journalism it is gossip dependent publishing. I want to move your view to a recent news articles which flood news sites, the news which state Foxconn worker speed details about the new iPhone - every time when worker spreads the news about any apple related hardware it is a false info. We have seen very similar false informations about iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, and now they start for iPhone 5. Next thing will be cases produced by chinese companies ... and so on, and so on. Same thing happens every time, and lame journalists copy the false info all over internet.

How to jailbreak iPhone 4s or iPad 2 with Absinthe

Connect your iDevice (iPhone 4s or iPad 2) to your computer and backup all data.
This is essential when you upgrade your iPad 2 from iOS 4.X version to iOS 5. If you perform Upgrade and not restore on the iPad from 4.X version the jailbreak will not work. You need to perform Restore then do the jailbreak and after that to restore from backup.

Close iTunes and start Absinthe.

Press jailbreak button and wait until instructions tell you to open jailbreak app on your springboard.

Normally this app will jailbreak your iDevice, but for now Chronic-dev servers are overloaded so there is a trick to continiue and finish the jailbreak process.

Without doing anything else aside, open settings and set VPN to ON, error will pop up, wait a little more without touching anything else, the iDevice will reboot and after the reboot it will be jailbroken :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Absinthe updated to 0.3 - Linux support added

Chronic Dev Team updated and released Linux version of the new A5 Devices jailbreak. Here are links and mirrors for it:

Absinthe 0.3 (win): Ziddu, Mediafire
Absinthe 0.3 (mac): Ziddu, Mediafire
Absinthe 0.3 (linux): Ziddu, Mediafire

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Absinthe released for Windows

Chronic Dev Team updated and released windows version of the new A5 Devices jailbreak. Here are links and mirrors for it:

Absinthe 0.2 (win): Ziddu, Mediafire
Absinthe 0.2 (mac): Ziddu, Mediafire

Firmware Page Updated

Just updated Firmware Page with all the latest firmware updates.

Added iPhone 4S firmware links and all the current firmware builds for iOS 5.

Friday, January 20, 2012

A5 Devices (iPhone 4s and iPad 2) Jailbreak Has Been Released! - Absinthe

The 'Dream Team' of hackers have just released their untethered jailbreak for the iPhone 4S and the iPad 2.

P0sixninja details some of the background in a post on the Greenpoison blog:

The ridiculously complex combination of exploits-within-exploits that make this iOS jailbreak possible have consumed thousands of hours of brain-power & effort from a legion of world-renowned hackers, several of whom have been working diligently on this project since the dual-core A5 processor was unveiled by Apple last March. Ten months ago, I myself was live tweeting from a tediously long line at the nearest Apple retail store, where I anxiously waited to become one of the world's first owners (& hackers) of the newly-released iPad 2.

Despite new tools to help with finding exploits they realized a team effort was necessary.

We finally admitted that the escalated obstacles presented by Apple's new A5 processor would not likely be overcome by one individual or team – but all together, we should be more than able to conquer any challenges encountered. As such, a diverse group of iOS hackers all decided to set aside our personal goals & egos, relax our die-hard team loyalties, and pool our respective skill-sets, talents & exploits to form an iOS Super-Hacking "Dream Team."

The initial release is currently for Mac OS X only but Windows is coming soon! You can download it here or here