Sunday, December 26, 2010

Top 7 Myths About Overclocking

Top 7 Myths About Overclocking

Sunday, December 12, 2010

TinyUmbrella Update Will Bypass SHSH Checks and Restore iDevice Without iTunes

Semaphore is working on an update to TinyUmbrella that will allow users to restore their iDevices without iTunes.

I've been working on a new and improved version of TinyUmbrella that will, among other things, allow you to restore your iDevice without iTunes. With the holiday season and work, this will take me a bit to get working the way I want it. I appreciate your patience and your support. You guys are awesome :) No ETAs yet but I'll post updates here and on twitter.

Semaphore explains that this means bypassing shsh checks will be possible for devices that can be exploited by limera1n (basically all devices available now) and the steaksauce exploit for the mc 2g ipod touch.

You will always be able to install a custom firmware (or stock firmware) following these directions.

1. Enter DFU
2. Run the Exploit
3. Wait for the White Screen
4. Restore the ipsw of your choice.

Some changes to the ipsw will be required. We will post more information as it becomes available.

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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cydia is Coming to the Mac!

Apple is busily working to bring the App Store to the Mac and now Saurik has announced that he will be bringing Cydia to the Mac as well.

According to TUAW, Saurik presented at 360|MacDev giving an overview of his upcoming jailbreak store for Mac OS X, Cycript, and Cydia Substrate.

Currently, Cydia Installer has been used by about 10% of all iPhone users, or about 10 million devices. There are well over 30,000 packages available for iOS, and a lot of open source material can be downloaded from Cydia. He refers to Cydia as a store for things that are not apps, but extensions of what iOS devices can do.

Freeman felt that the same type of store would be useful for Mac OS X devices; the result is a Mac Cydia, which will be available "within weeks." With today's news that the Mac App Store will not support in-app purchases, something that is critical to the freemium app model that is so successful in the iOS world, a Mac Cydia might be just the web store for a number of Mac developers.

Those developers interested in getting their app on the Cydia Store for Mac can contact contact patrick at

With post more details as they become available...

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Apple will help you share and purchase apps

Apple is deadly serious with its App-driven vision for life in the clouds, with a new patent application describing its new way to share and buy apps from the cloud.

Published today and spotted by Patently Apple the application reveals the concepts behind the Apple vision, whch essentially allows users to share apps on their phones — say you were impressed the first time you saw Angry Birds, for example.
“Aaron wants to share an application stored on his iPhone (or “sharing device” 202) with Brent’s iPhone (or “receiving device” 204). Aaron’s iPhone displays a list of applications which are available to share with Brent. Aaron selects, via a suitable user input such as speech, touch gestures, stylus input, keypad input, etc., at least one application to share with Brent’s iPhone.”

The two iPhone users can share apps on a peer-to-peer basis this way, and if payment is required the receivee can pay later. The patent even describes ways in which the giver could receive incentives for sharing apps — money, coupons, whatever…

Extend these concepts to Mac apps via the Mac App Store and you’re probably about to experience a software sales explosion.

Security Consultant to Unveil New Jailbreak Process Next Week

Security consultant Stefan Esser is set to unveil a new jailbreak method and utility that fortifies iDevices with ASLR, according to the Register.

Esser will present his new jailbreak process at the Power of Community Security Conference on December 14 in Seoul, South Korea. A new tool called "Antid0te" will simplify the procedure.

ASLR makes your device more resistant to malware attacks by randomizing the memory locations where injected code is executed.

"When you jailbreak it, it breaks a lot of security of a normal iPhone," hacker Charlie Miller told The Reg. "With Stefan's stuff, now maybe it's an option, if you're a security-conscious person, to still jailbreak your phone because you can pick up ASLR, which is going to make it a lot harder to do exploits."

"This enables users with jailbroken iPhones to create their own set of dyld_shared_cache files that have completely different library load addresses from every other iPhone in the world," Esser wrote in an email. "This is already a better ASLR than what exists on Snow Leopard because different applications can use different shared caches and therefore different load addresses."

We'll keep you up to date with more information as it develops...

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Thursday, December 9, 2010

iPhone Dev-Team Successfully Untethers iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak

The iPhone Dev-Team has announced that they have successfully untethered the jailbreak for iOS 4.2.1 for those with their 4.2b3 hashes saved.

MuscleNerd recently tweeted, Got "backup plan" for untethered 4.2.1 JB working (video coming up). Uses mysterious 4.2b3 hashes Cydia kept for you.

(It's a "backup plan" because comex is working on a more extensible one, but this method is also generalizable)

We'll keep you up to date with more information as it develops.

MuscleNerd has confirmed that this will work with AppleTV 2G 4.2.1 too.

Update x2:
Comex has said that we'll get an untethered jailbreak by Christmas.

iPhone Dev-Team is Working on New Baseband Downgrade Method

The iPhone Dev-Team is working on a baseband downgrade method which will even work for those who updated to the 06.15 modem firmware.

MuscleNerd tweeted the following earlier today...

@Lezanz sorry still collecting data on that. But also working on a bb downgrade (!) method for those with unlockable bb
@idansc yes if the BB downgrade method works, it will work for 06.15 too.

This would be excellent news especially for those who upgraded to 06.15 for unlock and lost their GPS capabilities.

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Current iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak status, and unlock status

I will break this down by devices.
Note: The following is valid for devices already upgraded to iOS4.2.1 (or 4.2)


iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS (new bootrom), iPod Touch 4G, iPod Touch 3G, iPod Touch 2G (MC Model) - can be jailbroken only tethered

iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G (non MC model), iPhone 3GS(old bootrom) - can be jailbroken untethrered as always (redsn0w and pwnage tool)


iPhone 4 - inpossible at the moment
iPhone 3GS - only with upgrading to the old iPad baseband 6.15.00 and unlock with ultrasn0w 1.2
iPhone 3G - only with upgrading to the old iPad baseband 6.15.00 and unlock with ultrasn0w 1.2