Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HTC say iPhone is not cool anymore - My thoughts about it

If you read about this in the iPhone news portals such as iclarified and 9to5mac and others, then you are familiar with the story so i will not rewrite it here.

My thoughts about this subject:

Why kids do not like iPhone (here i am taking about these specific kids from the article, because here (Bulgaria, Eastern Europe) students and kids are crazy about iPhone 4)

1. It is expensive and they parents will not waste money for high tech toys for their kids. So everyone else prefer a lot cheper android phones and other shinese knockoffs (again android based)

2. Android is not perfect but it does the job (emails, IM, Social networking and few games)

So these reasons of not liking the phone are not quite convincing.Here is why

1. iPhone i far stable than any android based phone (i have more than 3 years of technical experience with iphones, they do not crash that often as the Android ones)

2.Technologically Apple are far ahead from their competitors. When Apple designed and used SOC others used separate CPU, RAM and graphics chips. Now everyone started designing and using System On Chip. So far noone produced such sensitive touchcreen as Apple. Apple patented noise cancelation technology with second microphone which makes audio recording and calls and voip more clear than ever. In iphone 4 apple used combination of camera and software which produces far better video quality of any 5 megapixel cameras in other mobile devices, and better than most of the 8 megapixel ones. I will stop here because I can write for days on improvements.

3. iPhone 4 is more than a year old. This means that the competitors had time to improve their mobile devices in order to keep up with Apple. A5 CPU have far better performance than any other mobile CPU (according to recent benchmarks), and it will be used in the upcoming iPhone model which will raise the bar even higher for everyone else in this market which will make the iPhone most preferrable phone in the world again.

You can not judge the whole world just because of the opinion of couple of kids, so the title of the original article is rediculous. Like the collegues at 9to5mac wrote "College kids don’t want an iPhone because their dad has one. They also have no interest in dad’s Porsche.".

If you don't like it, thats fine. Don't buy it! It is that simple! Just don't whine that you are fed up of this and that.

I like my iPhone 4 and will buy the next one when it comes out.