Sunday, November 18, 2012

Firmware page - updated

The firmware links in one page is not so useful with so many links for so many different devices in one place. It takes more time to load and more time to scroll in order to find what you need. This is why i separated firmware links by device type: iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad. Added latest firmwares which were missing and added iPod Touch 5G, iPhone 5, iPad 4 and iPad Mini firmwares. If you have any suggestions please comment below.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

How to add Facebook Integration and Share Widget in iOS5.1.1

Most of you are familiar that iOS 5.1.1 already have Twitter integration built in. With the Cydia Tweak iOS 6 Twitter Widget for iOS 5
 you can add next best thing to share widget in iOS 6 in notification center. Since iOS 5 does not offer Facebook integration we can add it with not so popular tweak called Fusion.
 It is paid tweak and it cost 2$.

Here are some brief setup instructions in order to make it work as best as possible like the share widget in iOS6.

1. After installing Fusion, open Settings>Fusion> Quick Compose and press Install Activator. Cydia will open and you have to install Activator. (Do that only if you don't have activator installed)

2. Open Settings>Fusion> Quick Compose setup activation shortcut (i choose double tap on status bar)
3. Open Quick Compose and press Add location in the bottom left of compose box. It will ask for access to your location. Allow it if you want to add location to your Facebook posts.
4. Allow Fusion to post on your Facebook wall. In order to do it you have to open Settings>Fusion>Plugins>Facebook>Activation and fill in your facebook e-mail and password and allow Fusion the access.
5. Install iOS 6 Twitter Widget for iOS 5.
6. Uninstall Activator (if you no longer need it for other applications)

How it works:
Now when you press Tap to Tweet (in the notification Center) the Compose window will pop up.

When you type your message and press send icons with supported social networks will show you have to tap one or both icons in order to post on one or both social networks. If you press add location after selecting Twitter or Facebook it will list nearby locations to select from. If you press photo icon it will ask you to take photo or choose from library. If you press Notes icon now playing will be added to your post.

How to Enable FeceTime Over 3G in iPhone 4 iOS5.1.1-iOS6.0.1

Some of you who follow the jailbreak and tweak news already know about this tweak. The new here is that it works in iOS6 (and 6.0.1) as well. So here's the guide:

How to Enable Native FaceTime Over 3G Feature in iOS5-iOS6
But you will, however, still need to be jailbroken, as you will be editing a .plist file inside your device.

Step 1. Using iFile or any other file browser, navigate to /System/Library/CoreServices/
Step 2. Locate the N90AP.plist and open it.
Step 3. Below the <dict> line, under <key>capabilities</key>, add in <key>3Gvenice</key><true/>

Step 4. Make sure to save your changes, and then exit the file browser.

That’s all there is to it. Remember to watch your usage if you aren’t on an unlimited data plan. Video calls can really rack up the MBs.

How to block OTA updates in any iOS device since iOS5.0

I have been absent these days because I had no time to post new interesting things. I will start with OTA updates. OTA Updates are annoying for jailbreakers who decided to stay on older iOS version than the current one. They always receive notifications for available update. But there is a way to block it totally. It is a new tweak in Cydia called:

Software Update Killer

It's made by Lunatik and is available in BigBoss repo. Whats it does is quickly described in the following screenshots:

It disables the badge on the Settings icon, the badge on the General section inside Settings and the badge on the Software update section inside General. Also it disables the button Download and Install inside Software Update section.