Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs has passed away...

He is a visionary, creative technology prophet, true genius, brilliant CEO. I use present tense because he will always live in my mind.

He have technology vision like noone else. Things he dreamed 20 years ago are now reality, and he is the reason that they are present. He dreamed about tablets, video calls, personal assistants... He was rediculed for hes ideas,(too modern for that time). He never quit dreaming, he never changed hes ways. He gave us the future in our hands. Even when he was banished from the company he saved it twice from bankrupcy which is a testament for hes brilliant CEO skills.

Hes touch is present within all apple products, the iPod, the iPhone, the iPad, the MacBook Air... which many are trying to copy without success. Hes vision about technology is that things should be simple and easy to use and accessible to everyone, fast and stable hardware-software combinations, beautiful and unique design, environmental friendly.

I really hope that Apple will continiue the vision of Steve in their products, or else there will be noone to save them this time.

There is one thing i will regret for the rest of my life, that i haven't met Steve in person during my lifetime. He shares very similar vision for technology as me, and i am truly sad about hes passing away. This is loss for all mankind. True technology revolutioner is gone.

Rest in peace Steve.
See you in iHeaven.