Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hacker Turns Down Sony Job Invite Over geohot Treatment

Koushik Dutta is a revered hacker in Android circles. In a show of its respect for his brainpower, Sony reached out to Dutta asking if he’d be interested in interviewing for a plum software engineering position with its R&D department. As documented above (and Tweeted out by Dutta himself a few days ago), he declined, citing Sony’s hardline position against geohot, the 21-year-old hacker against whom Sony is taking harsh legal action due to his major hack to Sony’s PlayStation 3, which allows anyone to run unsigned code over the system.


Hi Sarah, I appreciate that you reached out to me. The opportunity does sound very interesting! However, due Sony’s recent treatment of a fellow hacker, George Hotz (@geohot), I could not in good conscience work at Sony.


Some of Dutta’s Twitter followers criticized him for turning down the opportunity, saying that he would regret this a few years down the road. Whether or not that turns out to be true remains to be seen, but if so it won’t be because Dutta is hurting for money: With more than 50,000 downloads at $5 a pop, his premium ROM Manager app for Android more than proves that an enterprising hacker can still make good money.

(via MAKE)