Friday, June 10, 2011

Activate iPhone 4 on iOS5 Beta 1 without developer account registration and without any No Service issues.

This tutorial is for experienced people only!!!

What is needed:

Mac or Hackintosh
Newest redsn0w
iOS5 Beta 1
iTunes 10.5 Beta (Mac)

About this method:

This method is combined from a few others well known methods used in the past. With editing SystemVersion.plist we made itunes think it have no beta firmware so it does not require developer UDID. It depends on SAM activation to gain service. So at the end you have same activation as in regular firmware.

Lets Begin

1. Install itunes 10.5
2. Enter your iPhone in DFU mode
3. Option + Restore and select the iOS5 firmware file
4. After iPhone starts up to the lock screen power it down, enter it in DFU again and jailbreak with the newest redsn0w while browsing iOS5 firmware file.
5. After the jailbreak you have to boot it tethered using redsn0w.
6. Activate to springboard Merd Erdir's way
7. Open Cydia add repo and install SAMPrefs from it (it will install all other needed things in order to run)
8. It will require reboot (because of mobilesubstrate) so you have to enter it in DFU and boot it tethered and again activate Merd Erdir's way.
9. Open Cydia and install OpenSSH
10. Open Cyberduck and connect to your phone over SSH
11. Edit /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist and remove


from it.
12. Open SAMPrefs and set the operator to manualy (you have to choose the operator to which the phone is locked) then apply these settings and reboot your phone.
13. Boot tethered and connect the phone to your itunes 10.5. It will activate just fine. You will have to setup your iTunes account and iCloud settings and you will enter springboard without hacks in a minute you will get range as well(i had to switch airplane mode 1-2 times in order to get range)

This tutorial is tested on 2 iPhone 4 GSM and worked flawlessly on them probably it will work on 3GS and CDMA iPhone 4 and iPad1 3G. It can work for iPod as well without SAMPrefs parts.


  1. Does this work if u have iTunes 10.5 beta 7 windows 32bit??

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